Government of Nunavut Uranium Policy Statement

The Government of Nunavut regards mining as an important potential source of revenues to meet the needs of Nunavut’s growing population and also as a potential source of employment and associated skills development for Nunavummiut.

The Government of Nunavut recognizes that uranium exploration and mining places special responsibilities on government because of the nature of uranium and its by-products, the history of its use for both peaceful and non-peaceful purposes, and its potential risks to human health and the environment.

The Government of Nunavut recognizes the jurisdiction of the Nunavut Impact Review Board and the Nunavut Water Board as established by the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement in the regulation of uranium exploration and mining.

The Government of Nunavut recognizes that uranium is subject to international agreements and national laws. The Government of Nunavut supports the mandate and responsibilities of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.

When the Government of Nunavut has opportunity to communicate a position on a specific uranium development project, that position will be guided by Government of Nunavut uranium exploration and mining principles set out below.

The Government of Nunavut will support the exploration and mining of uranium subject to the following principles:

  1. Uranium mined in Nunavut shall be used only for peaceful and environmentally responsible purposes.
  2. Nunavummiut must be the major beneficiaries of uranium exploration and mining activities.
  3. The health and safety of workers involved in uranium exploration and mining and all Nunavummiut shall be protected to national standards.
  4. Environmental standards must be assured for uranium exploration and mining, especially for the land, water and wildlife.
  5. Uranium exploration and mining must have the support of Nunavummiut, with particular emphasis on communities close to uranium development.

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